As an IT-service start-up company, our products consist mainly of IT-related products, such as online platforms, smartphone applications, websites, and other types of software products. We have many ideas that are waiting to be applied in real-life, but since we have limited resources, man-power and time, we will first put our focus into one idea first in order to make sure each of its application can be brought into perfection! Below is one of our product that is currently under development and is being perfected as time progresses:


We know that disposing second hand items in Japan is really troublesome:

  • It costs money to dispose big, bulky items in Japan.
  • There are many illegal disposal of big, bulky items in Japan.
  • Japan is currently facing trash problems, ever since China stops taking trash from other countries.
  • There is currently no convenient means of transaction of second hand items in Japan; everything is done directly, face-to-face, transportation of second-hand items, specially big-bulky items, is not available.

This platform is created to solve all problems mentioned above. This platform is currently under development in order to make sure this platform can be used to its maximum potential to help people in Japan, specially foreign students to deal with second hand items.